NAACP ~ Cash For Awards?

The Sussexes publicly declare that they have moved to the USA—that is considered a permanent absence in terms of fulfilling a Counsellor of State role, surely?


The real news is that it is Day 5 of the Ukrainian conflict, and while those of us who are fortunate to live in democratic states, all will continue to support those who fight for the right to live in a democracy. The Sussexes accepted an award from the NAACP for ‘public service’ over the weekend which has left the masses wondering what service exactly? With some canned audience cheering and clapping, the duo had hoped that they could make some headlines with an apparently paid for award. They could not have anticipated that a conflict in the Ukraine would rain on their parade.

Harry stumbled over his lines, while TW rushed through her part of the speech as if she was performing on an infomercial. At times there was the award silence when the rehearsed lines didn’t flow, and when Harry looked out of place, and sounded it. There were claims of a dedicating themselves to a lifetime of service, however, the only people they have truly served is themselves. Projects such as World Kitchen and the odd donation of personal hygiene products to organisations were not their ideas, but ones they attached themselves to for some PR.

As for Harry claiming they fight ‘injustice’, perhaps he needs to look up the meaning of injustice? Mounting a legal challenge against the UK government because you believe their decision not to use public funded bodies to provide round-the-clock protection for you for the rest of your life (because you believe you are in danger) is not an injustice. Injustice is when there is a miscarriage of justice, or when a minority or oppressed sector in society doesn’t receive fair treatment. True injustice is when poor people can’t afford a good lawyer to defend them when they are falsely accused, or when someone who couldn’t afford to go to college are denied a promotion because of a lack of qualifications rather than skills.

Archewell is a business, an organisation that makes money, that distributes the funds through awards, and grants that benefit themselves it seems. Did they make a large donation to the NAACP—cash for awards? Perhaps it was the offer of sponsoring a joint award that clinched the deal? The NAACP-Archewell Digital Civil Rights Award, is a new partnership where Archewell pays for it, and the NAACP do the paperwork and promotion of the award. Could this be a way to buy support and to funnel funds back into projects to avoid tax liabilites?

Even black activists of NAACP have criticised the award being given to the duo, asking whether there were more worthy contenders for the award. They too have been attacked for voicing a concern and an opinion by the cult, even though they can’t use the race card. The fact that it is an image award makes it less worthy if it is to be taken at face value, and for PR purposes. Sunshine Sachs represents both parties, and the whole shebang looks likes a business arrangement rather than a movement to advance equality and injustice.

The important part of the speech that can’t be taken back or erased is TW declaring in public that the duo have moved to the USA. That indicates permanency, and puts a spanner in the works for Harry who is trying to convince the UK courts, UK government, and the People that he is domiciled in the UK. Covid-19 aside, the duo didn’t have to move to the USA in March 2020, they chose to. They did not have jobs as key workers that made it essential for them to be in the USA, therefore, it was a choice to reside in the USA as they could have returned to the UK. Thus, the laws for the Counsellor of State (adults in the line of succession) state that Letters Patent must be drawn up for persons who are absent from the UK, to exclude them from the role. What does ‘absence’ entail? It has yet to be legally defined, but a 2 year absence from the UK through choice is not temporary, and thus the government has a duty to act in the interests of the People, and for the Monarchy, by removing a person who is permanently absent, and who is unable to act as a Counsellor of State.

The event was overshadowed by real life and important events in Ukraine, and no one is even thinking about the awards, and no sane person believes that they deserve an award. What it has done is made the NAACP look as if they have sold their souls for money, and that they were easily bought. Pretty much the opposite of an organisation that has fought for equality over the years, and sought advancement when this act has set the organisation backwards! Some are also disappointed in the NAACP, for they have allowed themselves to be used a propaganda tool. Was Johnson (president) bought, or duped into believing that a partnership with people who have publicly attacked a nation, and members of their own family because they didn’t get their own way was a good idea? Wasn’t this another example of the duo cashing in on the ducal titles again?